Whether you need to bury small conduit or install large conduit etc, Paul G. Senft & Sons
has the expertise, personnel and equipment to do the job. We can open cut through concrete or asphalt and
if trenchless installation is needed, we can bore under roadways or walkways, etc.


Trenching & Backhoe Work

Post Hole Auguring

Concrete Light Pole Base Installation

Horizonal Road Boring

Frostwheel Trenching
through Asphalt/Concrete

Concrete Pad Installation

Directional Boring

Crane Service
Set up to 50' Light Poles

Pipe & Cable Plowing

Mini Excavator Services

Complete Stock of
Wood Utility Poles

Telecommunications Cable
Electric Cable




Now Offering Augered Footings up to:
72" diameter and 22'ft in depth
This portable unit is on a  6x6 truck.
Call for Details: 262-895-2166
Newest Technology In Equipment

Paul G. Senft & Sons, has been installing cable and pipe underground for over 40 years.
No job is too small or large for us to handle.  We can advise the most cost effective
solution for your utility installation project, whether we use traditional plow and
trench installation or directional boring technology.

  Also referred to as slit trenching, this method of cable installation is accomplished with a sharp metal
plow that opens a slit in the ground and allows the insertion of a small cable or pipe.  Generally used where
required depth is minimum and there are no other obstructions inhibiting installation.


At Senft's Trenching, we are  a one-stop shop for utility installation.
Our fleet include's a full range of drilling equipment as well as a full
compliment of trenching equipment. This allows Senft's Trenching to customize our services
to include as much or as little as the client may need.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling is an alternative means of installing or
replacing underground utilities with only minimal site disruption or restoration costs.

Much faster than conventional methods.

Reduces restoration cost and environmental impact.

Minimal traffic disruption.

MillerCoors Project
By Frank Valy and Jake Benson



Pole bases PG Senft & Sons installed for Wisconsin D.O.T

Base installation for McDonalds new sign

Switch Gear Concrete Pad Installation At Aurora

Billy Working On Pole Bases

Hand rubbed concrete pole base done @ a New Walgreens store





Here are 2 pictures of new products, these are exposed aggregate concrete light pole bases
( Somethng New) at Paul G. Senft & Sons

Generator Pad Installation                                           Finnished Electrical Base Installation

Light Pole Base Installation In Existing Sidewalk

At Paul Senft G. & Sons Trenching
it is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality services at the most competitive price.
We offer engineered solutions to the most challenging installations by offering the most technologically advanced
construction methods and products available.  Through integrity and dedication, we consistently
meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
Paul G. Senft, President

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